The Bird is The Word

I’m sure you’ll wish to thank me in the comments for putting that song in your head.

Before I go on to ramble about the bird, I want to proudly display my swanky business cards! You can tell by my over-enthusiasm that this is a relatively new business…


Yes, indeed the bird is the word.

The bird I’ve drawn is actually a male kestrel. To be super-duper specific they usually measure 13 inches tall and their Latin name is Falco Tinnunculus. Funfacts yeah!

For those who have the pleasure (ahem) to know me in person will also know that I am quite Northern. But what you might NOT know is that I am terrifically enthusiastic about a horrendously uncool pastime. I use ‘uncool’ to stress the somewhat unpopular and remote world of Ornithology. Ok that’s a bit of an exaggeration. I don’t actually employ a scientific approach to my study of the bird kingdom. Or anything for that matter.

Let’s be even more geeky! I live in a little north easterly village on the rural-urban fringe. The area is rich with various wildlife because it is a SSSI (site of special scientific interest). Most impressively there are Red kites. However, if you travel a little distance away from my little north-easterly village you end up pretty much in the country. There is a surplus of wildlife there. Kestrels, Buzzards, vicious badgers etcetera.


As you can see, nature is a massive source of inspiration for me, this is clearly reflected in my drawings. I don’t have much time for straight lines or polished surfaces. This is purely because they are annoyingly difficult to draw. I’m talking adobe-illustrator difficult here.

To go off topic a little more than I already excruciatingly have, now would be a good time to mention I have been researching my ancestry. For future generations and for stalkers of my staggering impending art-related fame this sort of information is gold dust (As is an educated understanding of sarcasm). I have found, alas, no artists in my family. No architects, designers, photographers, writers or any paint-brush wielding layman added to my gene pool. More accurate would be blacksmiths, factory workers, a postman, sweet shop owner, grocery shop owner. Pretty eclectic.

That is why I am proud to be the first, and thanks to this official document, a bona-fide artist.


The Grumpy Illustrator

Last week has been a bit rubbish to be honest. This resulted in a very rushed, procrastination-induced grumpy cat head. (Badly drawn and incomplete)


However, the week hasn’t been all grumpy cat head! Art-wise it has been very exciting.

There was going to be a blog post on the Skelephant. However, after I wrote it I quickly realised the entire post was merely myself saying “elephants are cool.”

So yeah, they’re pretty cool.

Most importantly, I have been commissioned for a piece of art! My good friend Leslie asked me to redesign his college mascot: Colonel Reb. Scottish-style!

The design was now to include a golf club and a kilt. Not forgetting an outline of Scotland. Now, being half Scottish I saw no problem with this. It was all going hunky-dory when BOOM! A computer had to get involved.


So I did some rough drafts, sketched it out and finished it in pen. This is my normal, hand-to-pencil-to-paper approach. All is well in the world. Although, be sure to look out for parts of the Colonel in the ‘crapola’ section. (Coming soon! Also, apologies for the portrait camera angle!)

For those who know me, you will know computers are not exactly my forte. I can just about stretch to editing a photo in Picasa. So you can imagine my alarm when my boyfriend suggested we ‘digitalise’ the Colonel.

Normally a bit of computing is necessary to upload the images to red bubble, etc etc. I can handle that. This, on the other hand was one heck of a learning curve. Adobe illustrator was involved and everything! I have to thank my boyfriend at this point for helping me and having patience as I learnt about the scary, clicky world of Illustrator.

Things I learnt about Illustrator.
1. You can’t draw a simple straight line.
2. You can’t draw a curved line.
3. You can’t -without first re-drawing the line – (I mean seriously- wtf?) just fill a space of the drawing with a colour. Like you can easily do on Paint.
4. You can’t just reshape a line or a section of the design without having to make a blood sacrifice beforehand.
(At least this is what my boyfriend tells me when he can’t remember how to do any of the above!)

Don’t even get me started on layers. The list goes on. All in all, Adobe illustrator is not ‘Paint’.

But I have to say it looks pretty good. Much better than I thought it would look at anyway. I have learnt so much by doing this design (not to mention my new expansive knowledge about kilts) and perhaps has opened my eyes to new possibilities.


Quote of the day :
“Totally different”
“So much better though”

A Brief History of Maria Drummond Designs For Your Pleasure

If you have found your way to this page: huzzah! Welcome to Maria Drummond Designs

So basically the craic is this:

  1. I drew a picture of a kitten for my friend at Christmas. (The kitten who is now known as Wilbur)
  2. I had very little response from the recipient. (I was very gutted on Christmas day when all I heard was “oh and yeah thanks for the picture” [end of subject discussion]. My vanity wanted more. Needed more. After all, I had spent a painful amount of time perfecting the bloody thing.
  3. A few days later, we were reminiscing over the phone about buying presents for one another. This led me to say “yeah well the hardest part about your gift wasn’t drawing it. It was framing it.”
  4. This led to an alarmingly surprised action. Over the top if you ask me.
    “What?! Are you serious?! Your DREW that?! Omg!*” Etcetera, etcetera… – Haha
  5. Which led FINALLY to the lad suggesting that I do something with my drawing. His exact words were “this should be on a t-shirt!”

Over enthusiastic? Maybe. Crazy? Damn right. However, that was pretty good inspiration to be honest. So I consolidated all my ‘decent’ drawings and started some new ones. This was like the post-war baby boom. Only with designs.


And one month later here we are. My very own website (I have an actual ) and my designs on t-shirts, posters, canvasses, hoodies etc. This is pretty good for me, these kind of things never happen quickly. Already I’ve been fortunate to have several sales, so people are out there. With my name on their stuff. Crazy times.

Also, we thought it would be best to sample my work, see what the quality was like and such. Well, let me say, the quality is superb. The designs are placed smack-bam onto high-quality American Apparel t-shirts. The tops are vibrantly coloured and are in no way reflective of the colours on the website.

And that’s not even the best bit! I have to say though, I had my doubts. We all did. “Is it actually going to be good?” etc etc. The answer to that is YES!


Since then things have really gone much better than expected. I have done a couple of tattoo designs (post coming soon) and have managed to finally write a blog post!

Be sure to check the site every now and again to see new designs and even more side-splitting posts. Seriously though, my next post will feature art under the hidden category: ‘Crapola’.

*Please note all exclamation marks were deliberate and accurately placed.

Over and out.